More coming!!!

I just read the Forward of American Schools: The Art of Creating a Democratic Learning Community, by Sam Chaltain. It is written by the United States first female Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. I haven’t gotten any further in the book yet. It was a very interesting read.

I guess what I got out of it is what people always point out. High schoolers that do not know certain information about our government and other items we feel students should know. It also pointed out that high school teachers are failing our students. Alright, for me I am off the hook! I teach grade 5 – 8.

HOLD ON NOW!!! Is it really just the “fault” of high school teachers? What about all the other teachers those students had. How about (which the former justice states) “. . .in recent years schools have narrowed their curricula to try and reach the ambitious math and reading standards established by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001.” (Chaltain, 2010)

So who really is at fault here? Are teachers to blame for certain things that are being taught, or not taught, in schools?

As a teacher, we are the ones that hear about all the troubles in education. Why is that? We can be found. You can walk into just about any town in the country and find a school. You can walk in and complain to them about their failures. It is not that easy to do to our legislature.

I guess I just found this interesting. I’m going to start reading this book and share my thoughts. I do teach math, but social studies is a close second in my heart.

After I gather a few more thoughts on the forward, I’ll share more. Hence the title. . . .”More coming!!!!”

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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