A Conversation Over Education

This evening I had a change to visit with colleague Ginger Lewman. We visited about the 3 halves that she thinks are managed by high schoolers. The three that she sees most is the core classes, the electives, and the extra curricular activities. How do these all fit? I’m wondering if they are even halves. Here are some sketches that we came up with tonight looking at the differences and which best illustrates our point. (Yes, I realize I went from she to us. . . .because now I’m starting to look at it as well. haha)

How do these three things that happen at school work together? You can see in some of the photos that they really aren’t halves, but part of the whole. In others the three halves are fighting. In some they overlapping. How do these three things work together?

I guess now I need to explain the different parts.

Core classes: English, Math, History, Science. Electives: Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, etc. Extra Curricular: Sports, Work, Dating (we are looking at all learning that is happening during their day)

Is it possible that a student that wants to focus in music or art NOT have to take World History? Can’t they have a class about Art History or Music History that INCLUDES World History? Don’t those classes already include it? They are looking at what is going on in the world at the time that a particular piece of art was made, or music written. Why are they required to have that separate class as well?

Also, is there a time that there isn’t any learning at all? If you look at the last picture above, you see that there is a blank space in the circle. Is there a “down time” that no learning is going on? Does everyone’s circle look the same? Should it?

We had a chance to visit with some past students of hers as well as students that had no idea who she was. I’m sure they were scared to death about some of the conversation that we had, but I think it also helped them realize some things. It helped us as we are thinking about education.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have a better visual of how students are learning and how things should be different?

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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