The Power of Nature

As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon, I’m thinking about the weather. It IS going to snow. We are in the forecast of 5-8 inches (12.7-20.32 cm) of snow. I love snow so much. I’m a little kid when it comes to knowing we are going to get some. What I’m frustrated about right now is reading comments from friends in Arkansas and Texas that it’s snowing there, while I sit and look out the window to partly cloudy skies. I just want it to snow. I want it to start. Will we be out of school tomorrow? I doubt it. I feel we will have school tomorrow, but later in the week we may be out. With that being said, I wanted to share some stories of the power of nature and how it has played in my life.

When I was in 6th grade I believe, I was waiting after school for my brother to pick me up after he got out at the high school. It had been icing some, but not too bad. As I stood there, this power line comes crashing down across the street. It really was incredible to see. After he picked me up and got home, we had to call our mother at work to let her know that we had made it home. As I was on the phone we heard this really loud crash (mom could hear it over the phone) and all our power had gone out. My brother and I look out the back door and a huge branch had come down taking out the power line off the pole.

A couple of years ago I was teaching in my hometown and we had a pretty big ice storm, canceling school for two days. A huge branch again fell from ice and ripped the power from my house. An exciting thing was standing out front talking with a neighbor and we heard a loud noise. We were watching the power line swing in the wind, then come crashing down in the street. Luckily our cars were not out there, but it was a sight.

The weather can have an enormous impact on our lives. It can change everything we do in an instant. Remember to be safe this season as the winter weather is here. Not just now, but always. I don’t live in fear of what the weather can do, but I am always aware of what is going on so that I can be prepared and ready for when it changes my life.


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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