Is Every Student Equal?

This week we are doing state assessments. We all know what they are and they have unfortunately become a part of the school year. In some schools it seems that all students do is test, so are they really learning? A teacher would say that they are, but it’s difficult to show it by the standards of the assessments. What is the point of these assessments though?

Well, they are there to make sure that every student in America is getting the same education. Are they though? Is every student being taught the same thing? Should every student be taught the same thing? Each part of our country is different, so I feel that trying to make every student the same is NOT our job. Also, each state has their own assessments.

I know that we are currently working toward a national test that students take so that we can see if every student is learning the same. Should they though? What are things that students in the mountains need to know that those on the coast don’t need? What about those in the north compared to those in the desert southwest. Does every student in America know the exact same thing?

Now, looking at the assessments. Let’s narrow it down to Kansas. I have taught in a few different school districts and have seen testing being done. In some districts they “bribe” the students with a day out of school if they post a certain score. REALLY?!?!? We have to bribe our students to do well? That seems productive. Also, is every student in the state having the same testing environment? Some schools rearrange the school day to help assist in a good testing environment. Some schools just ship the kids through on an assembly line, when a computer is open, they call the next student. Some take the test in their regularly scheduled class time with loud students standing in the hallway. Some students learn in the classroom and then test in the computer lab. Also, why does it have to be silent? Are our classrooms 100% silent in learning?

What exactly are we doing to students? Is this “fair”? Are we being “equal” with students? Some major changes need to be done. Until then we will strive to do our best in teaching. It is my job to educate students to the best of my ability and to the best of their abilities.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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