Student-Centered Learning

With three quarters of the school year now complete, and the ever lovely state assessment coming in three weeks, I decided to try something a little different in my classes. In my first math class today, I have 6th and 7th graders. I gave each grade a separate assignment in Edmodo.

For the 7th graders, this was the assignment:

Please choose two or more different sites below for integer practice. You need to have 10 screen shots of your scores. I encourage you to try several different sites and times.…

The intent was for them to get some practice with integers. We as math teachers know that students struggle with this process. Having the ability to use positive and negative numbers can be difficult. They were really into their work today. The site where they could go and play a game was the favorite. They were competing against each other and excited.

For the 6th grade I did things a little different. In 3rd quarter the students worked on the Blending Assessment with Instruction Program (BAIP). This program is aligned with the assessed standards. So today, I shared the standards that are being assessed and they looked through their lessons on BAIP to see where they felt they needed to focus more. Each student was to choose 2 different standards for today and share them with me. I them printed out the practice pages that come with the program. They seemed to really grab ahold of what they need to work on to prepare.

For 5th grade this afternoon I am going to have them to the following:

1. Watch this video:
2. Read this site and answer the questions.
3. Go to this site and look how the numbers are related to each other on each prism or pyramid.
4. Make a stixy of examples of 3 different prisms and 3 different pyramids. Please list next to them how many vertices, faces, and edges each one has.


The reason that I am having them work on 3-dimensional figures is based off the the BAIP scores. This standard was the most difficult for them to understand. I hope that they enjoy looking at different approaches to learning them and grab ahold of the information that they need.

Now, I’m not saying that they day has gone smoothly. For instance, I had two 6th graders that wanted to just sit and visit and not give me their two standards. I reminded them several times that they needed to be looking and giving me their choices. After 30 minutes of not wanting to do as I asked, I chose three standards for them to work on. I visited with them about the choices they were making and asked that next time they take advantage of their own learning.

Trying new things is not always easy, but it can be done. I’m excited to see how things work out the rest of the week. We will be trading off the groups at looking at BAIP and giving them a chance to work where they need.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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