Looking Back and Forward

Today I had the chance to interview for my current teaching position for next year. The reasoning for this is that the school that I teach at is ran by an educational service that the school district buys into. Due to the budget and the success of the school, the district will be taking over the administration of the school. All teachers are applying and interviewing so that we can become employees of the district.

Why do I point this out? Well, sitting here after the interview, I began to think. Should all teachers “reapply” for their jobs? I’m not saying that it needs to be done yearly, but occasionally.

The reason that I bring this thought up is because when you are asked questions about your job, you begin to think back to how you have been teaching. The questions that were asked of me were your normal Project Based Learning school questions. However, I had the chance to really think about what I have been doing in my classroom. I had a chance to sit and tell my coworkers the pros and cons of my job. What I’ve been doing in the classroom, and what I have learned.

There are times that I feel teachers get caught up in their daily/yearly routine that some forget to step back and evaluate their teaching/learning that they do. Teachers are always looking for new jobs and interviewing, but they are telling about what they do to people who do not know them. Interviewing for your current position that you have with people that you work with really helps you promote yourself more.

Was it difficult to interview for people that I see on a daily basis and work very closely beside? Yes, it was. However, I think it went well and I appreciated the opportunity to do so.

How would you do in your interview? Would you like a chance to reinterview for your job?

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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