Welcome Spring

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This time of year, I get so many different feelings and thoughts as a teacher. Today is the last day before Spring Break. I remember when I first began to teach, our time change did not happen until April. Therefore, most students were still inside in the evenings due to it being dark out. So kids did not go spring fever crazy until then. Well, now that we started that a week ago, it makes this week crazy, and the thoughts of after Spring Break lean toward it being crazier.

I have always thought about year round school. What’s wrong with it? Some parts of the country/world do it. Now I’m not saying that we extend the school year, oh no. However, this next week being Spring Break would be three weeks lone. We would have a three week Fall Break. Winter Break would be 3 weeks instead of 2. That would make the summer only four weeks instead of eight.

Now why would I want to give up my summer? Well, I work throughout the summer anyway preparing for the next year. I would be able to refocus more often and be more rested up. Students would as well. Also, starting in the fall after summer would not be as much lost information for students. Students lose a lot of information over two months off. Also, parents pull their children out for vacation during the school year, so this would help the students miss less school.

One reason that I bring this up is that yes, I do get next week off, but I’m going to Chicago. So I will be gone for the week. Enjoying some vacation time, so having another week to rest would be great. However, I’ll more than likely be even more tired when I return.

Students need breaks. This week has been crazy. They need the time off. So why can’t we give them three weeks off to help them relax, then go into June for school? What happens where you teach? Do students have longer breaks? Do you see a difference?

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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