Chicago Art

Over the past week I was able to grab some photos while up in Chicago. I found some very interesting shots that I wanted to share with you. Again, I hope that some day you can visit Chicago. It is a very beautiful city.

This picture was taken out the back window of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). I really enjoy the pattern that is in the yard. Very square, straight lines everywhere. The patio throwing a little curve to it all in the corner. However, the lines are still straight on the flooring.

This shot was taken from the top of the stairs of the MCA. Once again, you can see the straight lines of the rails going down, however, the curvature of the stairs gives it a little bit of an illusion as you look down. The next show is looking up from the bottom.

This photo is taken at Navy Pier. It was March and chilly out, so there were not very many people. What I love about this photo is again the lines (I love straight lines) along with the ferris wheel. I feel that the lines help pull the round of the wheel out to your eyes. Also, the colors are very simple here.

This shot is from the ground looking up at Willis Tower. Many of you may think of it as Sears Tower. Once again, the straight lines. I didn’t realize until after I looked back at the photo that I had the corners lined in a straight line. From this view the building looks very symmetric.

This is fromt the entrance of Willis Tower. The flags are amazing. Hanging there from around the world.

I hope that you enjoyed some of Chicago through my eyes. I will be sharing more of my adventure with your throughout the week. My visit to Gower Middle School and visiting with some teachers there. Also my trip to Willis Tower and the beautiful views from the Sky Deck.

All photography in this post are taken by me with my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Feel free to share these photos with others.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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