Gathering Data

This morning I was standing outside in the cold with Algebra students gathering data. They had about 60 students run a 50-meter dash and 100-meter dash. The students were timing their classmates to see if there is a correlation between age (in months) and how quick they can be run. The Algebra students don’t think there is one, but we are going to find out using the data that they found.

I was so proud of the 6 kids that were working with me today. First, the temperature at 9:30 this morning when we started was only about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as the morning went on, the wind picked up out of the north and the temperature dropped into the 40s. They did great staying motivated outside as well as getting other students motivated to run.

I was also proud of the students for taking charge. I stood inside the door as the Algebra students gathered the birthdays from students that were going to run. Then, they gave instructions of what was going to happen when we went outside. Giving instructions where the start line was, the finish line, and to run through the finish line were some of the instructions given.

I had one job, stand at the start line and say, “Ready, set go.” This was to insure that all students had the same start. Also, the 6 students were at the end with stopwatches and clipboards recording all of the information that they were going to need. After having all 60 students run, they finished the school day as normal.

After school, the kids came in and got to work transferring all the data from the papers they had to their Google Doc. As two students were transferring data, three students were on a calculator figuring the ages in months. They were excited and working hard. One student was looking for a great site to make a scatter plot.

Due to time constraints, the students are not finished. We will have to finish it next week. I’m excited to see the student’s final product. They have grabbed ahold of this project and are doing great. It’s wonderful to step back and watch students take control and to do a great job! I will post the results once they are given to me.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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