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Teen Books Promote Reading

I love to read. Adult books? Not really. They’re mainly dry and slow. Place a teen/young adult book in my hand and I’m in heaven. I just need to keep motivated in reading. I have NOT been succeeding at my … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Thoughts

I’ve been reading Deadline by Chris Crutcher. I’m going to write a post tomorrow over the book. It’s great so far. Very interesting what I am seeing recently in teen literature. Stay tuned!

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What Makes a Bad Teacher?

Well, this afternoon I went with a couple of teacher friends to go see Bad Teacher at the local movie theater. On my Personal Learning Network (PLN) we have been talking about the movie and if we should go see it. … Continue reading

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Yes, I Ride a Bicycle

Alright, so I’ve always considered myself to be a bike rider. My family would always get on our bikes in the summer and ride around. My brother and I would ride our bikes around the neighborhood, sometimes racing, sometimes falling … Continue reading

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New Expectations

I finished reading What Great Teachers Do Differently today. I’ve been reading this book for a book study through my PLN (Personal Learning Network) Plurk. I’ve had some difficulty staying focused and getting myself to read it, but I’m glad I … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Well, this morning I went to the school building that I’m going to be teaching at beginning this fall. There are several changes happening over the next school year. First, I will be teaching Science instead of Mathematics. It will … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday I took my parents out to dinner for Father’s Day since I’m going to be gone on Sunday. It was a great time to sit and visit with them. My father has been an inspiration my entire life. Ever … Continue reading

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Every Teacher Left Behind

I recently read a blog post praising Pinellas school board, in Florida, for banning teachers from communicating with students via Facebook and Twitter. I myself do not agree with this ruling. I know teachers that hold test review sessions on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Art Giveaway!

Would you like some new art for you house or classroom? I sure would! Just go to the link below to find out how you can win! Good luck!! GIVEAWAY: DAVID BROMSTAD ART

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. . . . and the purpose of that was?

Professional Development. . . . . Conferences. . . . . School. . . . . . What is the purpose of each of these? Well, for me, conferences are a place for me to connect with people that I … Continue reading

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