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I just read an article on Education Week at This article is one that I know is happening all over, but I can’t believe it. The article is Budget Cuts Keep New California High School Shuttered.

State education budget cuts will likely keep a new $105-million high school campus in Southern California’s Riverside County from opening in the fall as planned. . . . . The Los Angeles Times says the delay will save the district $3 million each year in staffing, utility and other expenses, although it will have to pay about $1 million to secure and maintain the empty campus.

In the story, they say that voters approved a bond sale to build this brand new high school. The school is built! It’s ready to open! However, when you can save $2,000,000 by NOT opening it and just having it sit empty. . . . .in our economy, that’s what people are looking at.

What is the greater cost though? The incoming freshman that were to be there will be at another school that already has twice as many students than it was built for. Is this a better decision?

I understand that money plays a big part in the education world. A year ago Detriot, MI and Kansas City, MO closed several schools in one year to save money. You may think that was drastic, however, they were going to go bankrupt if they didn’t do so.

I’m just curious what tax payers are going to be saying in Southern California. Here they approved a bond sale to build a school to help alleviate the overcrowding of their schools. I’m sure people would not happy about that passing, but it passed anyway. Next they saw the school being built. Many excited to move into a brand new building to learn! Some upset that they money is being taken in a tough economy to built yet another school.

Now, the school may not open. Those that were excited will be crushed. No new school. Staying in the overcrowded school. However, I’m not concerned about them, I’m concerned of the ones that didn’t want the bond sale to pass in the first place. Here a school district took more of their money. . . and for what?!?!?!? I empty building.

Am I wrong to think that there will be trouble here? How would you feel if you saw this brand new building that you helped pay for now going to be sitting empty? It will be interesting to watch the stories that come from this one.

Here’s another article from the Los Angeles Times.

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I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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