Final Decision?

I had an interview for a middle school math position three weeks ago. Last week, I called and asked if interviews were still going on or not. The response?

“No offers have been made.”

What does that mean? I spent the week trying to figure that out. What did I do wrong? Wait. Are they still interviewing? What happened that they can’t decide? Is it me? Is it someone else? Is there a tie?

So many thoughts go through you mind as principals and staff decide on who they would like to hire after a round of interviews. I for one have never been on the deciding side.

So today I presented at iConnect iLearn in Colby, KS. The presentation was over the Competition Spirit of the Classroom. It went great! I also attended other sessions throughout the day. I had a blast and learned so much educational wise as well as meeting people that I knew online, but not in person.

The conference day ended and I helped set up things for tomorrow. I then had a great friend that lives in this area that I was to meet up with. She picked me up and we were off to WalMart. Yes, of all places, I end up there. . . . Then my phone rings. I look at it.

It’s the school that I want to teach at and had an interview for. They want to offer me a job, but there’s a catch. They really want me for Science rather than Mathematics. . . . .

All evening I tossed my thoughts and ideas around. I’m not ready for Science. It’s my weakest subject. Could I do it though? Will it be tough? Am I up for the challenge?

I am to call with my final answer tomorrow afternoon. . . . .


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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One Response to Final Decision?

  1. Pat says:

    Sometimes by teaching outside our comfort zones is what helps us grow. It will help you grow personally and professionally. Obviously they thought you were up for the challenge if they offered you the job. Sometimes we believe less in ourselves than others do because we don’t always see our own potential. I think you would do a great job no matter what subject you teach because I can see the passion of teaching in you. Good luck whatever decision you make.

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