. . . . and the purpose of that was?

Professional Development. . . . . Conferences. . . . . School. . . . . .

What is the purpose of each of these?

Well, for me, conferences are a place for me to connect with people that I talk with daily on my Personal Learning Networks. I am on Plurk and Twitter and even Facebook sharing ideas constantly. Conferences are a way for me to meet face to face and dig deeper into what we do everyday in our classrooms.

Also, for me, when I go to a conference I don’t want to sit in the BACK of the room and be QUIET. Nope, I’m going to ask questions and dig deeper into what the facilitator is sharing. I want to know more of what is going on.

I hope that I didn’t offend anyone over the past week. I really enjoyed learning from all the wonderful people that were sharing. I learned quite a bit. I can’t wait to use this information in my new Science curriculum.


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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One Response to . . . . and the purpose of that was?

  1. I agree with you … this is why I go to conferences as well… I love learning what others are doing in their classrooms and I get tons of new ideas to make my classroom better.

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