A New Beginning

Well, this morning I went to the school building that I’m going to be teaching at beginning this fall. There are several changes happening over the next school year. First, I will be teaching Science instead of Mathematics. It will be a challenge learning new information, but I’m ready for it! Also, with a new job, comes a new classroom. I took some photos of what I saw today for the first time.

Standing at the back of the room, looking toward the front, I have a SmartBoard with a white board on each side. There is a demonstration table there with a teacher desk on each side. Why two desks? There was a student teacher this past year, so the desk just hasn’t been moved out yet.

As you enter the room from the door (below), you can see there are two windows at the back of the room. There are a few plants that were left behind as well. Around the outside of the room there are seven sinks.

This last photo of the room is showing all the cabinet space that I have. I don’t have too much to put in those right now, but I’m very excited about having plenty of storage space as I increase my Science expertise.

Not only do I have the space in the classroom, but there is a shared closet with the Science room next to me. Plenty of storage for science materials. Also, to have a “secret door” with the class next door is always fun.

I noticed that I also have a small white board right outside my door in the hall. That will be a great place to have notes for students as they enter the room. Also, a bulletin board as they leave for important information to remember.

Stepping out of my classroom, you can either turn left or right. Turning right, you will pass the other three classrooms that make up the rest of my team before going outside. Turn to the left and you will pass a few classrooms before meeting the main hall the takes you past the library, go to other wings, head to the cafetorium or the gymnasium. This is my new home. . . . until December.

The building is currently housing the 7th and 8th graders of the town. Due to budget cuts, they have close the 6th grade building and they will be joining us at the middle school. However, we don’t have enough space for the move now. There is construction currently going on to add a new wing. After the addition, 8th grade teams will move into the new space with the 6th grade moving into our current wing.

The image on the left faces the west out the doors to where the new wing will be. On the right is the construction that is happening out at the front of the building for the new wing. My classroom will be here after the first semester.

As I left today, I took the following photo.This is the front of the building. The words are on the outside of the gymnasium. I have been in the building several times for various reasons. Looking at the building today, I thought about it being my new home for teaching. I’m excited to be joining the staff at EMS. It will be a great opportunity of learning for myself.

This summer is going to be great and I’m very excited about the next step in my career!


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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7 Responses to A New Beginning

  1. Looks great. It’s always exciting in middle school but a first year in a new building is always special!

  2. GingerTPLC says:

    I see you also ousted me as mayor of Emporia Middle School too! I find it quite amusing that two people who don’t work there nor attend school there have been the mayor.

    Congrats and good luck! Will you be letting the kids use the IWB since it’s set at the front of the room behind the teacher station and desk? I mean, afterall it is supposedly *interactive* and all. Oh, and if I can suggest it, volunteer to be the guy who stores your team’s laptop carts… Just sayin. 😉

    • I forgot to put in the post that the new room that I will have after construction has the IWB at the front of the room and the demonstration table is being moved to the back. So that will allow the IWB to be very open for students to access and I can teach from several points in the room!

  3. missfitztplc says:

    Oh my god. I am drooling over here! So happy for you Anthony.

  4. Pat says:

    This looks great!!! How exciting! Do you live close to the school or did you have to move to this town? I bet you will be an awesome science teacher!

  5. I love you positive attitude. Have a great year!

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