What Makes a Bad Teacher?

Well, this afternoon I went with a couple of teacher friends to go see Bad Teacher at the local movie theater. On my Personal Learning Network (PLN) we have been talking about the movie and if we should go see it. I myself was not the instigator of going, but I’m glad I did.

First, here’s the website and trailer for Bad Teacher

Now, what do you think of the movie? Yes, Cameron Diaz is a bad teacher. However, I can see some things in this movie that are sadly showing the world of education.

First, I pray that there are NOT teachers out there like Miss Halsey. She is not a teacher, but rather a person that should not be in education. If you are wanting to see a movie where a teacher gets great insight and changes how she feels about teaching. . . . don’t go to this one.

What I did notice about the movie was that Miss Halsey, played by Diaz, wants to win the “award” of $5700 for the highest test scores in her building. Yes, there are schools out there with incentives for teachers to “prove” that they’re a great teacher. What Halsey does is get a hold of the state assessment before the test and has students do well. In fact, her students scored the highest in the county.

Now, the teacher across the hall, Miss Squirrel (played by Lucy Punch) finds out about all of this and is out for getting Halsey in trouble. Now of course, throughout the movie the two teachers are falling all over the substitute teacher, Mr. Delacorte (played by Justin Timberlake). *side note* Why a substitute teacher is in the building every single day for the year. . . . .?????? Well, with that competition of the man, as well as the competition of the test scores and who “wins” the big bucks, there is quite a commotion.

I guess what I’m upset about the most with this movie is that education is being shown a little bit how it is. There is a competition between schools and teachers with “THE TEST” results. This is NOT healthy for our towns, schools, teacher, nor STUDENTS!

Why am I a teacher? Is it to get the highest test scores? No. I’m a teacher because I enjoy teaching and I want to help students learn and grow. This next year I’m going to be growing as well because I’m taking on a subject that is not my forte. That is why I’m a teacher. I don’t teach to make extra money because my students did well on the test. If they do well on the test, then that means I have prepared them to move on and to grow.

I don’t feel teaching to the test helps anyone. It sure doesn’t help the students out. Students need to be taught how to be life-long learners. Students need us to guide them into making correct decisions for their lives. Students do not need us handing them a bra because they said how they felt to a girl who then laughed at him. (Yes, Diaz does this in the movie)

I went to the movie, because as a teacher I need to know what the people will be seeing and how they may attack me as an educator. I want everyone to know that I was NOT represented in the movie Bad Teacher. Was it funny? Yes, I laughed a few times, but not as hard as I do at other movies.

Speaking of a great comedy, earlier this week I went and saw Bridesmaids. If you want to see a great movie, check this one out! Anything that could go wrong between a bride and her maid of honor does go wrong in this movie, however, it is not the fault of either one, but another bridesmaid. Here is the website and the trailer. 

Honestly though, if you feel that I am a teacher that was represented in the movie Bad Teacher, please come observe me in my classroom as well as visit with me. Feel free to watch the movie yourself and leave your comments below.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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2 Responses to What Makes a Bad Teacher?

  1. Mariah says:

    Thanks for the information. I hope that none of us in your PLN were represented by this movie. I haven’t seen it and don’t know that I will. But it’s good you were brave enough to check it out for the rest of us.

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