Yes, I Ride a Bicycle

From Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics, 1892

Alright, so I’ve always considered myself to be a bike rider. My family would always get on our bikes in the summer and ride around. My brother and I would ride our bikes around the neighborhood, sometimes racing, sometimes falling and scrapping up our knees. (We both did that within a week of each other)

Well, then I moved to Emporia. Emporia is in the Flint Hills. Riding kills me! The terrain is completely different than what I grew up with in McPherson.

Also, I never had a helmet. My family just never wore any, and besides, I would look like a dork, right? Again, in Emporia, my thoughts have changed.

I have friends that get together and ride bicycle around town and the country twice a week. I always said I would join them, thinking it would be a simple ride. Then I saw on Facebook that that is NOT the truth. Also, you must have a helmet to ride with them.

Well, at the beginning of June, I went and watched the Dirty Kanza riders go out on their

Riders before the 2011 DK200

200 mile bike ride. That’s 200 miles in ONE DAY! Yes, it’s crazy. Here are some of the stories from that day this year.

Gunner’s story

Annie Fox’s story

A little more insight by The Adventure Monkey

More stories can be found on the Dirty Kanza Facebook Page. Be sure to like it and enjoy reading through the stories. Photos that I took at the DK200.

I also had friends that went on the Bike Across Kansas bike tour this year. This is where

At the beginning of BAK. Thanks, Shane for the pic! (far right)

they start at the Kansas/Colorado border and ride east over two weeks to the Kansas/Missouri border. Even more surprising was knowing that one of my friends went for the FOURTH time this year.

Well, when looking at these stories, I realize how much I am NOT a bike ride. However, I do want to ride more. I rode from my place to the school that I will be teaching at this next year. That was about 3.3 miles to get there. I rested and did some “work” around the classroom. I then took a different route home, which was 4.7 miles. Giving me a total of 8 miles today.

After the 6/24 ride

I thought about riding out of town, but I’m glad I didn’t. I need to build up so that I can ride further. I think that if I rode with someone else, I might be able to ride further because they would push me. I felt alright when I got home today. That sometimes can be the worst part. Climbing a flight and a half of stairs with my bike.

I pledge to work harder and to build my bicycle riding so that I can go great distances. Will I be ready for the DK200 or BAK next year? HECK NO! Someday? Maybe.

Kudos to all those that went out and rode in each of those events this year! I do have a bicycle helmet now, I just need to get my bike to stop screwing up.


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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2 Responses to Yes, I Ride a Bicycle

  1. PDT 448 says:

    You should go to a spin class in a gym… It definitely helps with endurance!

  2. Michele says:

    Well come on with ya! I do a 12 mile in the country (out north on Prairie) at least 3x a week. Its a nice semi flat ride. Sign up for and you can check some of my ride maps. its a great tool.

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