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A Personal Retreat

Yesterday I took the day off from technology. The thought was to be free from 7:00am to 7:00pm. So I took off walking around town and enjoying coffee and to finish a great book. Then around 2:30pm I had a … Continue reading

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July 27, 2011

I want to apologize to all that were waiting for a post today about the average high temperatures in July 2011. However, I needed a day away from technology and chose today. I learned many things from the day and will share … Continue reading

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Leaving Your Mark

This past weekend I was in my hometown to visit my family and celebrate my brother’s birthday. Since I don’t have a car (because of a deer I hit in April) I was walking from my parent’s house to my … Continue reading

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What? You Didn’t Know That?!?!?

This morning I was catching up on my Google Reader when I read a post by Pat Hensley. She’s been on a cross country trip and sharing her story along the way. First I read a post of when she … Continue reading

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Making the most of your PLN

There are many educators out there that still need to find a Personal (or Professional) Learning Network (PLN). Wikipedia defines a PLN as a group of people that helps you learn, even if you don’t know them. You can find … Continue reading

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Making Plans

I recently read a great story called Wood Tape by Scott Nesin. In short, his son had an idea to do something and needed to go to the store. It’s a great adventure of he and his son at the … Continue reading

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Who’s the Expert?

With the end of summer coming to an end (I report to my new teaching position in 16 days) I have been enjoying some morning news. Today on the Today Show, they started a new segment. In this segment, each … Continue reading

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What’d you call me?

This past year I was at a small school. We had 6 teachers and 70 students. It was my first year there, so I was a newbie. There was one other newbie teacher there, the other 4 were veterans. We … Continue reading

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School Preparations

Well, here it is, July 13. Time to start getting ready for school. I went to the school today to take down bulletin boards to stat designing the new bulletin boards for the upcoming school year. You may think I’m … Continue reading

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Number 100

This is my 100th post. I asked what I should write about and many said to go back and look at my past posts. I went to the first few that I wrote back in November, the middle of the … Continue reading

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