It’s Summer Time. . . . . What Is It For?

Last night I went with a great new educator friend to a local music event downtown. It’s a great time to relax and visit about things. We met up with another teacher and had some great conversations. However, there is one thing that was said that has gotten me so upset and unsettled.

There was a point in the evening where conversation was at a lull. My educator friend turned to me and asked if I had heard about a news story about education somewhere. I had. I then asked her if she had heard about another one, and she had. The third person says, “It’s summer time, I don’t keep up with news.”

We then also talked about the upcoming school year and things related to our jobs and what we are doing this summer to prepare. He was getting upset that all we talked about was school and that we were working over the summer.

(Standing up) “Hello, my name is Anthony Purcell and I’m an educator that works 12 months a year and am a continual learner.”

I just could not believe how in today’s world of Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, online stories, blog posts, and books, teachers can sit around and not do anything during the summer. Summer is our time to find out what is going on and keep our learnig and knowledge up about the world around us.

Now, do I mean that is all you do? Of course not. I’m not sitting and reading constantly, but I do know what is going on. Sitting down for an hour a day to read educational stories or anuthing will help you stay in the know. Find some great blogs to follow, look on Twitter as stories are shared.

Yes, I was on my Galaxy Tab during the outdoor concert last night and checking Twitter, especially when I could tell he was upset about us talking education. A shared a couple good quotes, a news story, and a blog post that had all beem shared on there.

I hope that as educators, we all realize that we don’t know everything. With that being said, I also hope that teachers don’t go brain dead over the summer. If teachers do that, then get upset at the beginning of the school year when students struggle to remember prior school year information, know that I for one will not feel sorry for you. If you expect students to stay up on school and their knowledge over the summer, then you should as well.


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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