Summer Slump

I’m not sure what it is, but recently I have been in a slump. Not reading blogs, not really reading in education, not being the person I want to be. Is this normal? Do others get this way in the summer?

I wonder if it’s in part that I don’t currently have a car. I’m not free to go where I want when I want. I’m a traveller and shopper. Could this be putting me in this slump?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new opportunity that lies ahead, but I’m nervous. I know things will go well, but I’m in a place of unknowns. Granted, last year I didn’t have a job for the school year until July 28, so I’m ahead there. I’m just not full of knowledge about Science like I am for Math.

If there is anyone that has some advice to throw in my direction, I would appreciate it. Here’s to the last four weeks of summer break and learning on my own!


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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5 Responses to Summer Slump

  1. Paragraph 3 might be the key. I know the feeling, because I’m there right now, too. I’m teaching a new high school class, sociology, and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing right now. I teach it using Moodle, but the ESD is upgrading Moodle to the next version, so I can’t even start my class page! From my perspective, your feeling is normal. Take a break, ride your bike, shop online. I would advise sewing or knitting, but those don’t seem to be your things. 🙂 Oh, and breathe.

  2. Mike says:

    What you describe is normal for most teachers in the beginning of the summer. It happens to me for a few weeks every year. Don’t force things. Enjoy the time you have away from the classroom. You’ll get fired up about school soon enough.

  3. Sheryl Stephenson says:

    This is VERY common for me. Every summer, I look forward to the time off and relaxing and have all these plans for all the stuff I’m going to read and all the little jobs I’m going to take care of. And all the planning I’m going to do!!! Then things start coming up and I start doing things I hadn’t planned on. I get called in for meetings and trainings. They’re all good and needed, but about this time, I’m realizing my summer is half over and I’ve not done the things I need to do. A big trip is coming up that I am sooooo looking forward to but I know that when I get back, I’ve only got two weeks left so I will have to get into the planning mode big time.

    So what I do is just remember that I’m going to have a blast and I will not regret the things that I’ve done this summer. If I don’t get everything on my list done, so be it. I refuse to feel bad about just sitting around doing basically nothing, surfing the net way too much, even watching TV when that’s all I feel like doing. Teaching is a very draining job – physically and mentally.

    I think if you’re not feeling like doing those things, it means you just need a break from it.

  4. Tammy Lavoy says:

    It’s ok to take a break and think about things other than education. I usually don’t want to think about school until the beginning of August. Until then, I just relax and destress. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking or thinking about new ideas…it’s just not my complete focus.
    As for starting a new position and teaching a new subject….based on your posts from last year, I’m sure you’ll do a great job opening young minds.

  5. Pat says:

    Embrace the slump!! Sometimes we get in a rut of doing the same things and we don’t realize it. Do something different! It’s okay to not want to do something that you don’t have to do. Stressing about it is like when you can’t fall asleep but you keep telling yourself that you have got to go to sleep and of course you never can go to sleep then. Maybe walk in your neighborhood, meet new neighborhoods, cook something different, do a project around your home that you have put off because you were too busy. Hang in there!

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