School Preparations

Well, here it is, July 13. Time to start getting ready for school. I went to the school today to take down bulletin boards to stat designing the new bulletin boards for the upcoming school year. You may think I’m a bit early, but I report on August 3, with students coming on the 12th. I officially have less than a month to go!

From an earlier post, you know that I’m only in my room for the first semester and moving into a new room half way through the year. So it’s a little tough to be setting up a room when you know that you will be taking it down in a few months to put it in a new place. However, that’s also exciting.

I have two bulletin boards in the hallway that I am going to be putting information on about what we are learning in the first quarter. One board is going to have information regarding the metric system and the other will have information for the scientific method. I found out today that students study both of these topics pretty hard in 7th grade, so that means it will be a review/chance to go deeper this year. I have some great ideas starting to stir now!

In my room, I started to organize the cabinets. Now, inside my room I do have a little bit of a frustration. See, they are using my room for summer school, so I can’t leave it a mess from day to day. Also, I can’t move tables and other things around too much because they are being used. I also don’t have the chance to work in the mornings when it’s still cool out. Summer school is going until the 29th of June, so I can’t really make big changes until the last few days before I report. Yes, that is frustrating and I was mad, but then I got to looking at the stuff and it will take a day to put it all on place. I can still organize cabinets, put things on the wall, and finally grab the jar that has a snake. 😉

I’m really excited about my new classroom and new subject. I am starting to feel comfort and not be so nervous. Knowing that students will have knowledge of the information is great. This next year is going to be exciting and full of great opportunities of learning for myself!

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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