Superintendent Saves School District Money

He’s the best guy in the educational world right now! He gave up almost $300,000 a year! How great of a guy is he? Well, I’m not sure.

I first read about Larry Powell, Superintendent of Fresno, CA, schools, in a blog written by Michael G. I read this blog because he has several great news stories that he shares. Yes, he lives in Australia, but a lot of his news comes from the United States and education. I saw this title of a superintendent giving up money and was excited!

He shared how teachers spend so much of our own money for school supplies. In fact, this past week I spent $16 just on one lab that my class did. So this superintendent gave up his salary for the next three years for a $31,000/year salary and no benefits.


But wait. . . . .

Here is the story that Michael G. read. California School Superintendent Declines Salary

Here is another story about Larry Powell that I found. Generous Calif. school superintendent gives more

Do you know what caught my attention in the article I read?

Powell will collect his retirement of roughly $200,000 a year while working fulltime for the district. But the salary he would be earning as superintendent stays in the general fund budget and is now going toward at-risk educational programs.

Why does this bother me? Well, he isn’t giving up anything. He is going to continue making a big paycheck. He is NOT giving up money at all. Yes, he is going to make only $31,000/ year, giving that to charity, but he is not hurting. Do you want to make a difference? Actually live off the $31,000 paycheck. Show how tough it really is.

Also, the salary he was going to get is now being put back into the general fund. It is NOT going to the teachers. It is NOT going to the people that he feels needs it. It’s just going into a fund. Not only that, but he also will be hurting the district in the future.

Yes, the district is saving money now, but in three years (when he actually retires) the district will be used to having that money in the general fund. They will be losing that money when they hire a new superintendent. I’m pretty sure that the district will not find a new superintendent willing to give up their paycheck.

This county has 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students. That is crazy! No one would give up $200,000/year if they didn’t have a back-up plan.

Yes, Mr. Powell, I appreciate your generosity to give up your salary to go back into the schools, but you are not suffering. You are not losing anything by taking your retirement. Do you want to make a difference? Give $150,000 of your retirement back to the district. Then I’ll be impressed.

Yes, I was a little irritated when I read the fine print. I also feel that athletes and celebrities are overpaid. We are suffering in schools and everyone knows that. However, the people that make more money in a year than most school districts do are NOT giving it up. If we want more money in schools, then the higher paid people need to make a difference, not the ones scooting by.













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I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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1 Response to Superintendent Saves School District Money

  1. Michael G. says:

    Well picked up Anthony. Perhaps it wasn’t the selfless act the media led us to belive. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate the support greatly.

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