Confessions of Concessions


Alight, that’s a bad way to stat the post, but that’s how I felt a few different times today. haha

I am one of two Student Council advisers. We are both new to the position. We are excited about helping student leaders be built at Emporia Middle School. We have several ideas. However, now we need to get the students into the council.

Today was the first concessions that we had to do. We got there (after teaching) and got started. We learned several things today.

1) You need to have stated the hot dogs and cheese for nachos before 30 minutes before you want to start selling it. Why? Well, it’s not cooked yet. Also, it was fun teaching someone how to cook hot dogs. How can you be in your mid 20s and NOT know how to cook a hot dog?

2) You need to have salt for the popcorn. Come on people, really? Salt is bad for you. Popcorn is a VERY healthy snack until you put all the crap on it. Be healthy and try something new!

3) Know the prices that you pay BEFORE you set the prices to sell food. We were losing 10 cents an M&M’s bag. Yes, even though we were selling them at a $1.00 each, we were LOSING money. Can you believe the cost of things anymore?

4) When making a list of things we need to remember and sending an email by phone, make sure you spell check your phone’s auto check. Concessions and confessions are very close in spelling. So when you send an email titled, “Confessions”, it can mean many things.

All in all, it went well. It’s great to see kids in a different scene and allow students to see you differently. Yes, I am in shorts and a t-shirt. Why not? It’s after school. However, kids, when you’re here to watch the game, go in the gym and watch the game.

It’s going to be a great year of concessions! I just hope the next time when I’m riding my bike home the guy in the green SUV realizes that I have the right of way before he turns right.


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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