Changing the Plan

Well, today I completely changed what I had originally planned. In my classes we have been working on individual investigations and using the Scientific Method. Students are working in pairs. They have stated a problem, written a hypothesis, and written their procedure. Many are ready to start the tests of their hypothesis tomorrow.

Well, in my last class today that got a new student and is now up to 9 . . . . . had 5 today. Two students were ill and two were at a soccer game. I stood there looking and anaylzing that each student there had a partner who was not. I had to change my plans today.

So I stood there and told them I was going to do an investigation. I told them that I was wondering if walking would raise their heart rates.

I went through the steps of the Scientific Method and set up an experiment that involved them. We ended up going outside and walking around our school campus. They students had a chance to visit and enjoy the weather, as well as have some exercise. It was great!

Students joked around. One went near the pond and saw a snake, so we looked. (I hate snakes!) One student wanted to catch it. Two kids were scared. It was great.

Then two students made a noise, I turn around and see one acting like he’s using the restroom in the weeds. I told him investigating how long he coukd be suspended is not the plan for today. The kids all laughed as we continued our walk.

We got back inside and I shared my conclusion and how we walked at different paces. We were all doing things differently as we walked, so my information was off.

Students were learning today, but in a different way. They walked out of my classroon with a better understanding than other students will get. Small class sizes are wonderful, because you know they are learning.

What a great day today was!


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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