Some Days I Think I’m Crazy

Yes. . . .I must be crazy.

This week. . . . . .

Monday: I taught as normal on Monday. During my plan time I went to another class and acted as a student in a class that I would not be able to understand the language. It was a great learning experience!

Tuesday: I had an hour long meeting in the morning of going over summary activities. It was great! I learned some new strategies and understood more ways to help students. I then taught all day. I then worked the concession stand at the 8th grade girls basketball game. Being a Student Council adviser, I have the advantage of doing that! I then ended the day at a friend’s place having stuffed peppers! It was so good.

Wednesday: I had another meeting before school covering scores and how to read data to help me to help students. I then taught for a day, including leftover stuffed peppers. I then stayed at work until 7pm preparing for the next day’s class activities. I then came home and continued working on getting things ready for class.

Thursday (Today): I had a Student Council meeting this morning.  . . .  alright, so I took a couple kids and stocked our cooler with drinks for the concession stand. I then taught all day. After that, we had a 7th grade girls basketball game that I worked the concession stand. I’m now home and working on activities for next week.

Friday (Tomorrow): I will be teaching all day once again! Then, in the evening is the school’s first dance. I will be attending that as well.

Yes, it has been a busy and crazy week. I have a lot of planning to do for next week! I love my job. . . .by really. . . . .

Some days I think I’m crazy.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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