A few family members

Thanksgiving is a great time for family and friends to come together. I had the privilege to head back to my hometown and be with my family. However, this year’s was a little bitter-sweet. Right before dinner started my great-aunt, who has been hosting Thanksgiving for over 40 years, said that this would be the last one she would be hosting.

What is amazing is that she is married into the family. She has hosted this meal for her family. She is an artist. She’s one of the most wonderful ladies I know. I took the picture to the right of her in October during Hyllningsfest in Lindsborg, KS. The fact that she takes the time to fix a meal for us is unbelievable. She stated on Thursday that the reason it all started was to celebrate her son and a cousin’s birthday. It has since turned into a great family tradition!

My mom’s family is close. I remember seeing my family all the time. It goes back to my great grandparents who were married in the 1920s. They were blessed with 4 children, my grandmother being one. The picture to the left is of my grandmother and one of her two brothers.

I remember Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at my great uncles. Then on Easter we meet at my other great uncles (pictured with my grandmother). Again, there we have a great meal and wonderful family time. Christmas Eve turned into the each “kid” having their individual families and not everyone getting together.

One of my aunts along with my great uncle (host)

I have been blessed with a wonderful family! We carry on our Swedish traditions (I’m half-Swede) each time we get together. For us all to still be together and have these times for this long is unbelievable. When my grandfather passed away in 1997, I thought some things might change. A few did, for instance we changed where we had Christmas for awhile.

Having the chance to really get to know my grandparents and their siblings has been wonderful. I continue to cherish every moment that I have with them. Watching the families grow is wonderful! Who knew in the 1920s that the family would grow to be so large! It was great to see everyone on Thanksgiving. I hope that we continue to gather together.

Below is a picture of the cheesecake that my great aunt makes each Thanksgiving and Easter. It’s made from scratch and the most delicious dish you will ever taste. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Back to work tomorrow!

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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