Tales of a New Classroom

Well, today was the first day of classes in my new classroom. Things went really well. The students were able to find things that were the same and different from the old room. However, things are starting to be really weird in here.

First, my room is next to the other new Science room. Both were built the same way and have the same items. However, one of the window sills in my room was not right and so they have to get a replacement piece. Also, when installing the counter tops, one of mine got a chip and they had to replace it. Lastly during construction, part of the floor had a spill on it and there is a stain until the tiles can be replaced.

You may think that it’s alright because during construction some things happen. Well, the other classroom had no problems getting things finished correctly the first time. Alright, it’s  fine. Just flukes.

So why was I getting things ready yesterday, walking in and out of my door freely with it unlocked. . . .until one time it was locked and I had to pull my key out to open the door. Eh, a janitor or someone was here. . . .then it happened again. A couple of construction guys were in the hall and looked at me, “Yea, we can’t figure out why that door just locks by itself.” Proof that it happened!

Then today students were walking in and out and then I had a knock at the door. It was locked again. I unlocked it and returned to teaching, then another knock at the door. . . . weird. So let’s just prop the door open with this door stop as I teach.

I had about 15 students in the room all working and talking. After awhile the door closes . . . .the door stop still in front of the door as it closes. . . . . then after school the door closes on its own again. . . . .

So how was your day?


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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