Taking a Survey

Today is an interesting day. We have a survey that students are taking about our community. It’s one our district likes students to take. There are several things about this that are kinda cool with students.

First, the survey is completely anonymous and students have the choice if they want to take it or not. At first, many are asking what they do if they don’t want to take it. It seems as if very few are actually going to take the survey. Well, things change.

The fact that I shared with them I had to sign a consent form about giving the survey and that I stay at the front of the room had some thinking. Also, I shared that at the end a student will get an envelope from me and pass it around for the surveys to be placed into then sealed before I get it back, had them thinking.

I think when all things considered, students really do care about giving their opinion. When they realize that this can make a difference and help the community is a good thing.

Also, I think the fact they are stuck in their seats for 50 minutes with nothing but a book to read, some go, “It’s something to do.” haha

I hope the ones taking this survey realize that it’s a good thing and are helping the community. If it wasn’t for people volunteering their time to take it, then we wouldn’t have insight to things going on around the area.

Does your school participate in these surveys? What are your thoughts on them?


About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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