Student Teachers

Left to Right: Josh Tuttle, Jake Orndorf, Amanda Bell

Student Teachers are a big part of schools. At my school we have some pretty awesome student teachers in the wing that I teach in. They are here working hard beyond the hours of regular teachers. Dedication is what I see in them. I enjoy talking with them and want to take the time to showcase the great minds that are going into the world of teaching.

First off is Josh Tuttle. He’s a non-tradition student and working in math on my team. This is what he had to say about himself. He recently has gotten onto Twitter and can be followed @Tutt81

I am a 31year old man who had an opportunity about 4 years ago to pursue different career options. After talking with my wife Meg and considering my options I ended up with the decision that becoming a teacher would be the most rewarding thing I could imagine succeeding at. While I claim literally no natural affinity for math I chose the subject because of a combination of desiring a challenge and consideration of what the teachers were in high demand. At the beginning of this path I didn’t even want to think about when I would be done but here I am and its 2012 and I am being blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait to be teacher and have only had a few “what have I gotten myself into” moments. I have two daughters who are getting used to the idea that Daddy is like one of the misters or misses that teachers are called at school. It blew their minds at first. But that’s all there is about me.

Josh is a great math instructor and has filled in at many times due to district meetings in which his cooperating teacher has had to attend. He’s great with students and really knows how to reach them.

Next up in Jake Orndorf. Jake is student teaching in our team’s Social Studies class. He’s doing great and has been reading Jawhawker by Patricia Beatty to be able to teach the class. It takes true dedication to keep up on reading a book you have never read before. Jake told me that he would like to end up teaching around the Fort Worth, TX, area. He seems to really enjoy that part of the country and is looking for a job around that area.

The third student teacher in our wing, Amanda Bell, works with me closely. She is in the Science classroom next door to mine and helping with the other team in our wing. She is doing a great job and I haven’t heard anything blow up yet. She is here way beyond her time and often tells me about how she is staying up late creating lessons for the students. She has a true passion for teaching and I will be sad to see her leave in a couple of weeks to go to the high school to complete her student teaching. This is what she had to say for herself.

I am currently student teaching Science at Emporia Middle School. I love middle schoolers. I can’t wait to graduate and have a class of my own. Do Science!

She has such a great sense of humor and really grasps a hold of learning for herself to help students learn.

All three of these “teacher candidates” (as Emporia State University calls them) are great teachers, life-long learners, and people. I wish them all the best when they prepare to graduate in May and move forward with their careers.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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