Crushing Creativity

Yesterday I read a blog post by Dr. Chris McGee. In the post he had a video of a little kid, named Caine, who was very creative in making an arcade. The video was great and you can tell how creative he was. Caine was taking what he had seen and was making his own “inventions”.

Dr. McGee went on in his post talking about how teachers need to be providing time for students to be creative and work on their own. It’s a great post, as well as the conversation I have had with him, that has me thinking about how I can do this in my classroom. I also got to thinking where stopping creativity in schools started.

Then I ran across this cartoon today.

"Close to Home" by John McPherson

Why can’t scholarships be allowed for creativity like this? Why are scholarships only given to students who “fit the mold” of what is normal? Not only that, but scholarships are given to students who have a greater ability at what they are trying to do. The scholarships are given to students to improve on what they are already doing well, while students who struggle get no help at all.

Why do we crush creativity and the strive to work hard? What is going wrong in the world that this is being allowed.

We hear from President Obama as well as several other world leaders about how we need to be helping lower level students strive to achieve great goals. We do this, only for the students to be crushed by higher education. Where does this end?

We need to be giving scholarships to students who are NOT the best at what they do in hopes they will improve. We need to be encouraging students to be creative and show that what they do “out of the ordinary” really is great! We need to be pushing students to improve no matter what they think is important.

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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