Tiny Tower Project Day 2

Right off the bat today students were excited. You could see it in their faces as they knew they were showing up and getting their iPads. Students were ready to get back to their games and see how many coins they had collected.

Also, as they came in, they saw some of their questions they had written down yesterday up on the board.


As students started to update their game, I talked about the questions on the board. I let them know about what was coming up, how to balance their game with their work, as well as why they might be sitting in summer school right now. I helped them understand a little bit more of the reasoning today and they were not just playing a game for fun.

Students also started getting their skyscrapers built. They didn’t get very much accomplished, but there was great conversations going on. Some groups were using their iPads to research ideas while others where just going with what they thought was the best solution.






We also began looking at some famous skyscrapers from around the world. They shared several facts that they had learned. (and as I type this at Java Cat in Emporia, I realize I did not get a picture of the board of facts they had collected) As they shared facts we talked a little more about what they were sharing as well as go a little deeper into what they found.

Students found when the first elevator was invented (1887) and that it meant buildings taller than 5 floors could now be built! They also found out the Willis Tower, formerly The Sears Tower, was the tallest in the world for 25 years. We also talked about the glass areas that stick out high in the tower. (more to come with this tower later in the week)

Students started to look into what is needed to start a business as well as start to make their own business. What area some things that are needed besides an idea? They came up with money, customers, a building, a product. . . So many ideas!

Students are actively involved and enjoying their time. I feel many will learn tomorrow that their budgets for building their skyscrapers is going fast. Some are spending wisely, others are just buying small items as a time. We’ll see how they fair.

We have three sizes of sticks. The medium size is the normal Popsicle size. We also have the larger tongue depressed type and half size sticks. We sold out of large sticks (one group bought them all) and now they are wondering if we will get another shipment more not. Their plans for building may need to change. They though they had it made, then noticed their height was only 10 centimeters and they need at least 20.

I’m excited for day three tomorrow. So many great things are starting to show up!

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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1 Response to Tiny Tower Project Day 2

  1. alison2012internship says:

    Hi I’m a college student and I blog about education. What a great project! We need more fun, interactive learning like this in all classrooms. Thanks for sharing with us!

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