Tiny Tower Project Days 6 & 7

During the past two days students have been working really hard on finishing their skyscrapers. Day 8 is the last day to build with Day 9 being the testing day. They are coming along pretty well.


There are only 3 here because the 4th tower is complete. . . .or so they say.

During the past two days we have also looked at different ways to build skyscrapers. A big item that we have talked about is the World Trade Center Towers. We all know they were hit by planes in 2001 and collapsed, but were they a poor design.

We read from the book Fantastic Feats and Failures about the towers. There are so many new ideas that were used in the design of the towers. We learned from them just as much as we were amazed at the buildings.

I feel it’s important for students to look at tragedies that have happened and learn from them. We hear all the time about how failing helps one learn and grow, but do we always look at big tragedies in that way? There are also so many different views about that day 11 years ago, that I think helping students understand opinions from facts is important as well.

In two days we will test the strength of their towers and see who has the best design. I can’t wait to share their reactions with you!

About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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