Building a Support System

Too many times we try to do things on our own. Sometimes, when trying to be “the hero” we get bogged down and stressed.

I have a plant in my classroom that over the past year I’ve been watching grow and leaning to one side. I have placed a ruler under the right branch. I’ve tried using string to help pull that side up. I had to be the hero for this plant so that it wouldn’t fall over or die.

Yesterday as I was watering my plants, I noticed something.

I thought something looked odd. What’s happening to my plant? So I got closer.

Do you see it? It’s not a leaf, but it’s coming out of the stem that should have a leaf. It looks like a root . . . .wait. . . .I think it is.

I asked a few others to come and take a look at it and we all agree that it must be some sort of support stem/root coming out of the plant. This plant knows that if it continues to grow in this fashion with the stem leaning, that it could be harmed and not survive. To help itself, it’s growing a new stem, looking for ground, so it can support the long branch that is not over the rest of the plant.

In the same manner as this plant, we as humans need a support system. We need others who are there to help us when we start feeling pressured and bogged down. We need assistance at times. However, that system of support is not just handed to us, we have to find it.

We are not able to create new people, as this plant is creating a new stem. We have to search out for others who can support our beliefs and say that what we are doing is right for students. That’s one reason why I’m on Twitter.

I collaborate with the teachers in my building daily, however, if I only did that, then I wouldn’t see all the fresh ideas that are out there. Our plant of a building cannot survive without the support and ideas of those outside of the building. I bring in ideas and share with teachers all the time.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and look for that extra support.





About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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