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Tiny Tower Project Days 4 & 5

The past two days have been great. On Day 4 the students continued to build their towers. They a coming along quite nicely. I also was introduced to the app 123D Capture, so when they are finished next week, I … Continue reading

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Tiny Tower Project Day 2

Right off the bat today students were excited. You could see it in their faces as they knew they were showing up and getting their iPads. Students were ready to get back to their games and see how many coins … Continue reading

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Superintendent Saves School District Money

He’s the best guy in the educational world right now! He gave up almost $300,000 a year! How great of a guy is he? Well, I’m not sure. I first read about Larry Powell, Superintendent of Fresno, CA, schools, in a blog … Continue reading

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How different would you classroom look if it looked like this? Now I’m not looking at the surroundings of this video. Classrooms in the bar is NOT what I’m talking about. However, each time Norm walked into Cheers, everyone said … Continue reading

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Beginning Jitters

Well, here it is, the first day of the school year. . . .for me. Students do not return until next Thursday. So many thoughts are running through my mind. Am I ready to go? How are things going to … Continue reading

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A Personal Retreat

Yesterday I took the day off from technology. The thought was to be free from 7:00am to 7:00pm. So I took off walking around town and enjoying coffee and to finish a great book. Then around 2:30pm I had a … Continue reading

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What? You Didn’t Know That?!?!?

This morning I was catching up on my Google Reader when I read a post by Pat Hensley. She’s been on a cross country trip and sharing her story along the way. First I read a post of when she … Continue reading

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Making the most of your PLN

There are many educators out there that still need to find a Personal (or Professional) Learning Network (PLN). Wikipedia defines a PLN as a group of people that helps you learn, even if you don’t know them. You can find … Continue reading

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Making Plans

I recently read a great story called Wood Tape by Scott Nesin. In short, his son had an idea to do something and needed to go to the store. It’s a great adventure of he and his son at the … Continue reading

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Who’s the Expert?

With the end of summer coming to an end (I report to my new teaching position in 16 days) I have been enjoying some morning news. Today on the Today Show, they started a new segment. In this segment, each … Continue reading

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