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Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday I took my parents out to dinner for Father’s Day since I’m going to be gone on Sunday. It was a great time to sit and visit with them. My father has been an inspiration my entire life. Ever … Continue reading

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Teachers Are Role Models

I’m lost at what I’m to say. I cannot believe the story that I just read. Ok, so I can believe it because some people are just stupid and don’t know what they are saying, but still, come on people. … Continue reading

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Teachers Need to Unite

One of my favorite things to do is connect with other teachers on my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I talk with teachers around the world. It is not very seldom that I have the opportunity to actually meet face to … Continue reading

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A Long Week

I just want to share that this week has been intense. Monday I worked 14 hours because the school had a coffee house night to share all of the fine arts that we do at school. It was 2.5 hours … Continue reading

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Blogging in the Classroom

I have recently read quite a few blogs about students blogging in the classroom. I have shared my thoughts on students needing to share their thoughts and ideas with classmates through blogging as well. Our Communications teacher is one teacher … Continue reading

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Math in our Elementary Schools

I read Sharing a Love of Teaching today by Michael G. It made me step back and think about math education in the elementary classroom. I am gathering information for a blog post later this week. Please take 5 minutes and … Continue reading

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A Reach Around the World

As many of you know, I am a rather young blogger. I have been on here for less than two months. However, the first time I started getting comments, I was excited. Not only then, but when I started realizing … Continue reading

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A Day of Ups and Downs

So today was a crazy day. It started out around 1:30 this morning when I woke up and read an email. Why was I awake at that time? I have no idea. However, I saw my phone blinking and I’m … Continue reading

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