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Tiny Tower Project Day 2

Right off the bat today students were excited. You could see it in their faces as they knew they were showing up and getting their iPads. Students were ready to get back to their games and see how many coins … Continue reading

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Making the most of your PLN

There are many educators out there that still need to find a Personal (or Professional) Learning Network (PLN). Wikipedia defines a PLN as a group of people that helps you learn, even if you don’t know them. You can find … Continue reading

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Every Teacher Left Behind

I recently read a blog post praising Pinellas school board, in Florida, for banning teachers from communicating with students via Facebook and Twitter. I myself do not agree with this ruling. I know teachers that hold test review sessions on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Mathematics Changes in the Courtroom

I am about halfway through “The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS“. I have always known to a certain extent that mathematics is used in solving crimes. However, it is no easy task. As I read this book, I can see how intense … Continue reading

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The Beginning of Summer

Well, here it is. . . .summer. The moment all students and many teachers can’t wait for. However, this year is a little different for me. I had a great job this past year working at Turning Point Learning Center … Continue reading

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Making Math Tougher?

A state wide math final. . . .this bothers me. . . .it bothers me so much. I had to take a test to become a licensed teacher. I even had to take a test to be highly qualified to … Continue reading

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Make Photo Collages

So I found this new site where you can share your photos in a collage. All you need is a few photos and it will make it for you. Use an online photo album and it will make your … Continue reading

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Media Multitasking or Multi-Distracting?

I just finished readying the article Media Multitasking Is Really Multi-Distracting on the Science Daily website. I’m not really sure if I agree with the distracting part of the story. As I write this I am watching tv and working … Continue reading

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Early Morning Thoughts

My last post that I wrote was about social networking. I have enjoyed getting many resources from Twitter and Plurk, but didn’t see the real effect until last night. Shortly after 9pm on May 1, 2011, I was sitting at … Continue reading

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End of a Trip

I’m writing this while sitting in the back seat of a car. The past week I have been on Spring Break. It was the first time I was on a train, the first time to Chicago, and the first time … Continue reading

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