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Math Common Core Standards

I went to a math conference today where they talked about the Common Core Standards that are being implemented across the United States. There are many thoughts on this. I thing some great things will be coming with the Math … Continue reading

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April 8, 2011 (I know, real original)

This week we had state math assessments. I was so nervous going into them that I got a kink in my neck. Stress got the best of me, but I kept working through. Kids did fine though. I wish they … Continue reading

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Difficult Math Problems

I went searching for a fun math video on YouTube. The top one that showed up was the Ma and Pa Kettle Math. First, it’s a great video. It cracks me up every time. It is very true though. If … Continue reading

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Teachers Need to Unite

One of my favorite things to do is connect with other teachers on my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I talk with teachers around the world. It is not very seldom that I have the opportunity to actually meet face to … Continue reading

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Student-Centered Learning

With three quarters of the school year now complete, and the ever lovely state assessment coming in three weeks, I decided to try something a little different in my classes. In my first math class today, I have 6th and … Continue reading

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The Many Roles of Teachers

This week at school was an interesting one. First, on Monday I had a scheduled day off. I had several appointments set up and was happy to sleep in until 8:30. As I was waking up, I looked at the … Continue reading

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Is Every Student Equal?

This week we are doing state assessments. We all know what they are and they have unfortunately become a part of the school year. In some schools it seems that all students do is test, so are they really learning? … Continue reading

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Testing Season is Here

This sign and those like it are now popping up all over the country. Why are these signs appearing? Well, because students are learning this. We as educators know that this is not the case. Testing students all the time … Continue reading

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