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The Beginning of Summer

Well, here it is. . . .summer. The moment all students and many teachers can’t wait for. However, this year is a little different for me. I had a great job this past year working at Turning Point Learning Center … Continue reading

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End of a Trip

I’m writing this while sitting in the back seat of a car. The past week I have been on Spring Break. It was the first time I was on a train, the first time to Chicago, and the first time … Continue reading

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Welcome Spring

This time of year, I get so many different feelings and thoughts as a teacher. Today is the last day before Spring Break. I remember when I first began to teach, our time change did not happen until April. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Wake Up to Current Education

A little over a week ago, I posted about A New Math Lesson that I had taught in my class. The students enjoyed working on something besides the boring lessons that they normally work on. They enjoyed being able to work … Continue reading

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A New Math Lesson

On Friday, I posted this assignment in Edmodo for my math students. I didn’t help them much more than this. I did show them a site where they could make a line graph. I also said there might be sites … Continue reading

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Snow Day. . . . .Working?

When I took the job at Turning Point Learning Center in July, I was told that we do things a little differently. I was also told that a “snow day” meant working from home, not a day off. Yes, I … Continue reading

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The Power of Nature

As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon, I’m thinking about the weather. It IS going to snow. We are in the forecast of 5-8 inches (12.7-20.32 cm) of snow. I love snow so much. I’m a little kid when … Continue reading

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