Tiny Tower Project Final Day

Kids came in today excited to see their towers be crumbled!

Actually, they were quite sad to say the least.

As you can see, they took quite a bit of weight. The results are below in the chart.


The towers are shown below.

Left: Tiny Towers

Right: Taco Towers






Left: Los Mojados

Right: Mustachios






Each tower was different from all of the others. It was interesting to watch Mustachios this week after they saw the tower that was finished by Taco Towers. They started to build up, and I asked them why. The response was “we can see we won’t win strongest, so we’re going to go for tallest.”

I have to be honest, I was not expecting the winner to be Tiny Towers. What is it that helped it win? The videos will be coming soon (I hope).  One of the videos does not want to be copied from the iPad.

I will write a reflection on the project over the next couple of days. I talked with the students today and they seemed to really enjoy the project. Stay tuned for the video release.




About Anthony Purcell

I am Anthony Purcell and I am currently teaching math in Oklahoma.
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