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Wake Up to Current Education

A little over a week ago, I posted about A New Math Lesson that I had taught in my class. The students enjoyed working on something besides the boring lessons that they normally work on. They enjoyed being able to work … Continue reading

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The Many Roles of Teachers

This week at school was an interesting one. First, on Monday I had a scheduled day off. I had several appointments set up and was happy to sleep in until 8:30. As I was waking up, I looked at the … Continue reading

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Is Every Student Equal?

This week we are doing state assessments. We all know what they are and they have unfortunately become a part of the school year. In some schools it seems that all students do is test, so are they really learning? … Continue reading

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Testing Season is Here

This sign and those like it are now popping up all over the country. Why are these signs appearing? Well, because students are learning this. We as educators know that this is not the case. Testing students all the time … Continue reading

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A New Math Lesson

On Friday, I posted this assignment in Edmodo for my math students. I didn’t help them much more than this. I did show them a site where they could make a line graph. I also said there might be sites … Continue reading

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Blogging in the Classroom

I have recently read quite a few blogs about students blogging in the classroom. I have shared my thoughts on students needing to share their thoughts and ideas with classmates through blogging as well. Our Communications teacher is one teacher … Continue reading

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My New Love

Well folks, Valentines Day is upon us. I have a new love. She’s quiet and very kind. I enjoy holding her close to me and it’s hard to part. I enjoy running my fingers across her face, in fact I … Continue reading

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Reading Online Articles

I am currently in an online class. In the class I have to read several different articles dealing with math. Looking over lesson plans and reading classmates responses to the reading. It’s a great way to learn even more about … Continue reading

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Blogging Rules

My title “Blogging Rules” can be taken two different ways. First, it can be the fact that blogging is cool and they way to go in today’s society. Blogging gives you a chance to share your ideas and get feedback … Continue reading

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Math Homework is a Hot Topic

Yesterday I spent some time reading some replies in an online class that I’m taking. I also read Homework: How Much is Enough? by Cindy Couchman. Everything that I’ve been reading lately talks about how much math homework is needed. … Continue reading

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